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In Características de los gestores on marzo 29, 2009 at 4:11 pm

Not too long ago the minister of Housing and Economy of Spain, Pedro Solbes, was asked if he envied the former minister Mariano Fernandes Bermejo, and he replied: ¨Yes, because he is the former minister¨. I was also surprised when the general manager of “CHARE” (Hospital of High Resolution of Guadix), in Granada, Spain, told us that he earned more money as an Anesthesiologist, his profession, than as a general manager. He added that the issue of management brings more problems than the peaceful surgery room, where he is surrounded by propofol, halothane and isoflurane. Futhermore, he decided to change the ketamines for the statistics means, the nitrogen oxide for the carbon dioxide, the EKGs for the GRDs.

But, if is too difficult to be the manager, why do they do it?

Manolo Lubián, President of the Andalusian Society of Family Practice, commented that physiscians don´t like management.

Jose Luis Gutierrez, Manager of the Andalusian Health Service, differ from this response, he stated that they actually like it. Pilar Serrano had a similar reply, she is the Management Director of the University Hospital Virgen Macarena from Sevilla, ¨I love my job¨.

So what is it?

What is the true motivation of the manager?

In fact, it doesn´t look good or like Richard Smith said in his article ¨What doctors and managers can learn from each othes¨ (BMJ 2003;326:610–1) about the physician´s view about management: boring, uncreative, and best left to those incapable of doing anything better.



Pepe Martín, Professor of Health and Economy, commented that we have a rational mind and another irrational one (primitive and instintive). The rational one has ¨few years¨ of recognition in our lifetime and we do not have it completely developed. The irrational, in the contrary, it has a long history of biological development. If we believe that a decision or action has been ¨rationalized¨ it really hasn´t , it is merely that our brain is seeking some explanation in order to justified that action, and that we could say it without restrictions.


In other words, the interpretation that explains with looseness thoughts,  is the ¨Mouth-tivation¨, instead of the ¨true¨ motivation.



  1. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  2. Thank you for reading it and sending a feedback. Cheers.


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